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How to Choose the Right Laminating Pouch?

Laminating is an excellent way to make sure that the display and the document materials make a great impression every time.  Laminators are truly versatile.  However, if you have to get the most out of the laminating machine, you have to understand the laminating pouches.  The pouches vary in three different manners.

  • Thickness
  • Finish
  • Size

The pouch you will be using can have an effect on the finished result. Hence, you have to choose a laminating pouch which is suitable for your specific application. It is also necessary to know that the quality of the pouch that you will be using is going to influence the quality of the end result.  In fact, it will surely have an impact on the performance of the laminating machine in future.

laminating pouches


Laminating pouches are available in an extensive range of formats and sizes. However, the most popular size is A3 and A4 laminating.


For the laminating pouches, the thickness is known to be measured in microns. It is pretty simple, the thicker is the pouch, and the more rigid is going to be the result.  Pouch thickness is referred to,

  • 160 microns
  • 160 microns (2×80 microns)
  • 80 microns
  • 2 x 80 microns

These are the same pouch and it can be pretty confusing. The thickness can be detected from one side of the pouch. This means that it can be implied as thickness per side. The fellow pouches are named and described as the thickness per side.  Thus, this is going to be 80 microns.

The laminated pouch thickness is associated with the level of protection that it is going to offer.  Irrespective of whether you want to improve the colors of the documents with the help of basic every day protection or capture the moment of photographs with the help of 125 micron pouches. However, you need to ensure that the laminating machine can laminate the laminating pouches that you have selected.


The most popular laminating pouch finish is the gloss. This has an extremely versatile finish which is suitable for majority of the lamination applications.  These are also available in matt finish.  This is more ideal for application such as menus. It is less reflective and is easy to read.

You will also come across a wide number of special pouches like pre-punched pouches which can be used for easy filling and adhesive-back pouches for getting a quick signage.

Lamination Selector

Filled with recommended links and uses to the most common pouches, the pouch selector will help in creating a pouch which is suitable for your requirement.

When it comes to laminations, there are endless possibilities.

When you laminate, it will help in enhancing you leaflet. Hence, it is important that you choose the right laminating pouches. It will enhance the vibrancy of the images and colors.  If you decide to laminate, the protective film will protect the document were damages.  As a matter of fact, it will also make the documents look new, particularly if it has a long shell life.

When you are in business, first impression is the last impression. Hence, use lamination to make an impression on your clients and customers.