We are intimately aware that small business and large organizations alike spend an inordinate amount of time managing their human resources. Recruitment is generally undertaken, not in anticipation of a need but in reaction to a shortage of necessary manpower. To assist at a time when staff is likely already overloaded, I&D Management Services offers a cost effective alternative, complete with a guarantee of satisfaction, for all recruitment requirements.

Recognizing that each position with every organization requires a unique individual/employee, I&D Management custom tailors it´s recruitment system to meet the customer needs. After first determining the skills, work experience and educational requirements of your position, we seek out those special attributes that will differentiate the right employee from equally qualified applicants.

The recruitment process is always customer driven and may include credential verification, client interviews, competency testing, reference checks, criminal record checks, pre-employment medicals, et cetera.

I&D has developed an online employment database that we believe is second to none in the North. It is a comprehensive program that allows users to enter and update work related information directly online. What sets our system above others is that it also allows for the inclusion of specific skills and qualifications in a searchable “Skills” area. For our customers, this translates into the fast and accurate identification of all clients/applicants with the requisite skill set.